The VisIVO gateway The VisIVO gateway

The VisIVO Gatetway

VisIVO Science Gateway aims to create an astrophysical portal based on the generic-purpose gUSE/WS-PGRADE portal family to access VisIVO software tools. It has been developed thanks to the Sci-Bus Project.

VisIVO is a suite of software tools for creating customized views of 3D renderings from astrophysical data tables.  These tools are founded on the VisIVO Desktop functionality ( and support the most popular Linux based platforms (e.g. Their defining characteristic is that no fixed limits are prescribed regarding the dimensionality of data tables input for processing, thus supporting very large scale datasets.

VisIVO Server websites are currently hosted by the University of Portsmouth, UK (, the INAF Astrophysical Observatory of Catania, Italy ( and in the near future by CINECA, Italy ( These web sites offer data management functionality for registered users; datasets can be uploaded for temporary storage and processing for a period of up to two months. The sites can also be utilized through anonymous access in which case datasets can be uploaded and stored for a maximum of four days; to maximize available resources a limited dimensionality is only supported.

Assuming that datasets are uploaded, users are typically presented with tree-like structures (for easy data navigation) containing pointers to files, tables, volumes as well as visuals.


       This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 283481.

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