The e-BioInfra gateway The e-BioInfra gateway

 The AMC Scientific Gateways aim at facilitating data-intensive research on distributed infrastructures such as the Dutch e-science Grid and HPC Cloud. They serve communities such as biomedical researchers, neuroscientists and biochemists, but also provides a collaboration platform for interaction between these researchers and the e-science experts at the hospital.

The gateways provide functions to manage data and results, to start and monitor computations/workflows, and to retrieve/visualize provenance of workflow executions. It also serves as a platform where new (advanced) services are integrated for evaluation by end-users in research scenarios.

These e-science experts research, develop and operate the AMC Scientific Gateways, which provide workflow, data and provenance management for data-intensive biomedical research applications.

The AMC Scientific Gateways are currently:

  • AMC Generic Gateway: targeting biomedical researchers and providing a generic platform to run heterogeneous applications
  • NeuroScience Gateway: targeting neuroscientist and providing applications related to MRI scan processing
  • Docking Gateway: targeting biochemists and providing molecular docking application based on Autodock Vina