The Adria Science Gateway The Adria Science Gateway



The scientific problem domain that is supported by the AdriaScience gateway is monitoring and forecasting certain atmospheric predictions, weather energy, and environmental disturbance in the Adriatic Sea region. The weather predictions are of crucial interest for the marine traffic and rapidly growing tourism in the Adriatic Sea region. One of the most interesting atmospheric occurrences are storms and waterspouts which are common in this region. Their occurrence is becoming easier to follow in the past few years thanks to modern communication and computing technologies and could be predicted by different numerical weather prediction models. Storms and waterspouts attract attention not only because of their unique appearance but also because of their ability to produce high risk to the community and also significant property damages. Apart from forecasting of the specific weather phenomena, different weather researches of other specific weather phenomena will be conducted (e.g. bora winds that are specific for the Croatian coast).


The AdriaScience gateway is hosted and operated by the Centre for Informatics and Computing of Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI). The gateway provides an advanced, high level support for the meteorology user community. The main advantages of the AdriaScience gateway is the provision of the application specific workflows that are adjusted for a general application execution or as a specific use case scenario. The users can parametrize their specific job execution through the already available workflows on an easy and unambiguous way. Furthermore, the gateway provides an easy submission system to the Croatian distributed computing resources. The computing resources on which the gateway users can submit their jobs (workflows) are the National Grid Infrastructure (CRO-NGI) and HPC cluster Isabella. The gateway is in production and provides several workflows for submitting WRF-ARW (Weather Research and Forecasting - Advanced Research WRF) application-type jobs. The gateway is open for further extending on both adding support for new computing resources as well as application workflows, depending on the specific user demands.


The portal provides two main group of users, appliaction/workflow developers and end users. The application developers can access to all the advanced workflow features (graph, abstract workflow, template, application and project) to develop new workflow applications and upload them to the repository. For the end-users the portal gives a full access to the parametrization and execution of the specific workflows downloaded from the local repository or the SHIWA repository.