Summer School 2012 Summer School 2012

There are already several well established grid and cloud infrastructures in Europe. The next issue is how to exploit these infrastructures, how to port and develop application for these infrastructures and how to extend their user communities. The main goal of this summer school is to give answers for these questions and to promote best practice examples for potential application developers and users of e-science infrastructures.

Three current FP7 projects organize this summer school to show various aspects of user support for the European grid and cloud infrastructures. The SCI-BUS project will train application developers how to develop workflows and parameter sweep applications for distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs) based on the WS-PGRADE workflow concept and the gUSE high-level user support environment that enables transparent access to various DCIs like grids (ARC, gLite, Globus, UNICORE), clouds (OpenNebula, Openstack, Amazon, Google Application Engine), desktop grids (BOINC), clusters (PBS, LSF) and supercomputers. SCI-BUS will also show how to customize the generic WS-PGRADE/gUSE gateway according to the needs of various user communities and create application-specific science gateways for these communities.