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Statistical Seismology is the application of precise statistical methods to seismology to better understand the mechanisms of earthquakes. There is a strong emphasis on the analysis of seismicity data in order to improve the scientific knowledge of earthquakes, earthquake forecasts, earthquake early warning, seismic hazards assessments and seismic risk analysis. Given the societal importance of these applications, statistical seismology must be handled precisely. However, since there is a lack of available software tools and, even worse, applying most of these statistical methods on seismicity data sometimes need huge computational resources, it is difficult to practice the statistical seismology methods. The Statistical Seismology Science Gateway (SSS-Gateway) provides services, which are easy to access and use, for the international seismology community to facilitate application of statistical seismology methods and models.

There are many advanced and recent statistical techniques used by seismologists to model the seismicity. SSS-Gateway aims to provide a comprehensive set of methods (from fundamental to complex) in the field of statistical seismology for e-scientists working in seismology. This gateway provides an environment in such a way that skilled users can develop their own seismology models simply by accessing the gateway services, while novice users can easily use existing applications.


       This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 283481.

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