Blender Rendering Community gateway Blender Rendering Community gateway


The gateway runs at and supports Blender, the world's most popular open source 3D suite. The service has over 10 000 registered user accounts to date, though not all of those could be considered active users. After experiencing a queue of over 200 sessions during the summer of 2012, a new policy was put up. This policy is defined as: "We will not render your session if your description does not clearly state that the animation is used in some kind of production, may it be a film project, commercial work or personal portfolio. Any kind of tests will be rejected if there is anything more urgent in the queue. If the description does not state that the render is for some kind of project it is assumed to be a test render.".

End users use the service via a specialized uploader script developed specifically for Blender. The upload is entered in to the queue and after the administrators check the session to be valid and secure, the session enters the pipeline, is distributed to the rendering clients and rendered. Each finished frame is available nearly immediately to the end user upon completion. When the whole session is completed, a low-resolution animation of the session frames is created and placed in to the session gallery for all users (including the volunteers) to see.