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The UoW DG Gateway has two application specific portlets, one for molecular docking and one for 3D animations rendering. Both portlets were developed using the Application Specific Module (ASM) API of the WS-PGRADE/gUSE framework.

Docking portlets:
Molecular docking is available on the UoW DG Gateway from a set of portlets that contains three different sub-potlets for three different molecular docking scenarios. Bio-scientists can use the AutoDock molecular docking software in virtual screening and random blind docking scenarios. Each porlet and each scenario has an underlying WS-PGRADE workflow for the execution of the tasks. Therefore, three different parameter sweep workflows were developed based on the AutoDock4 and AutoDock Vina applications: the AutoDock workflow, the AutoDock without AutoGrid workflow, and the AutoDock Vina workflow.




Rendering portlet:
The second supported application area, animations rendering, is based on the MentalRay commercial rendering engine. This application has an underlying WS-PGRADE workflow that uses the parameter sweep facility of the framework by breaking down the rendering task to multiple sets of frames. These sets of frames can be rendered independently from each other using the resources of the University of Westminster Local Desktop Grid.
Using the intuitive user interface end-users can easily specify and execute their rendering tasks by uploading the animation project file (created in AutoDesk Maya), specifying the scene and the first and last frames to be rendered, and the desired output format. After execution the rendered results can be downloaded to the user's computer and further processed with the animation software.