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The Academic Grid Malaysia Scientific Gateway is a catch-all science gateway portal as the "medium" to access the Academic Grid Malaysia infrastructure. Catch-all here means the portal is not specifically developed/designed for a specific science application. The portal is generic and is able to host many science applications. The gateway portal hopes to increase the adoption of the DCI technology amongst research communities in Malaysia.


Open access DCI provides opportunities to the user communities to run their existing applications more quickly, efficiently and to create new applications without investing in extra hardware and software resources. However, converting existing applications into DCI-enabled applications and also creating new applications currently requires significant technical knowledge that many users do not have. Most of the user communities that have used DCI are accessing the resources via Command Line Interface and Web Portal provided by their local institution. However, this became a problem as not all institutions have common facilities to access the grid. This is one of the reasons why DCI adoption is low in the user communities. The science gateway aims at a situation where user communities no longer face any problem with the setting of a common standard in accessing the DCI. By providing an advanced application portlet development framework, it opens new opportunities to bridge one DCI infrastructure with another DCI infrastructure in a one-stop portal.


The Academic Grid Malaysia Scientific Gateway is currently in production status. It is expected that after the end of the project, the portlets will be continue to be provided and supported for both research and commercial/industrial communities. To achieve these results, the portlets are periodically updated based on the feedback from the end-users.


NVG Scientific owns the computing infrastructure (with the exception of the server that hosts the Science Gateway). The main Science Gateway(s) operated by NVG Scientific in Malaysia use(s) the Malaysia National Grid Infrastructure (Academic Grid Malaysia) to execute the jobs.