NGS P-GRADE portal NGS P-GRADE portal

Main features of the NGS P-GRADE portal

The NGS P-GRADE portal offers portlet-based solutions to support:

  • HTTPS-based access to the portal.
  • Accessing MyProxy servers to manage user certificates and proxy credentials
  • Developing workflows from sequential and parallel MPI programs
  • Loading jobs and workflows into the Portal directly from the P-GRADE application development environment.
  • Set up the list of Grids and define a set of default resources (portal administrator) and personalising the setup of resources for Grids (users).
  • Managing available Grid information systems (currently MDS2 and LCG) to get the list of resources available in the Grid and retrieve detailed information about these resources.
  • Transferring input and output files among storage and computational resources automatically.
  • Executing workflows on NGS and EGEE resources by allocating jobs to available resources,
  • Visualizing graphically, and in real time, the runtime execution of jobs and workflows,
  • Testing and monitoring NGS resources, the output of which is pulled by INCA.
  • Generic MPI job management
  • Workflow-level interoperability among the NGS and EGEE Grids;
    • Besides the NGS, the portal is currently connected to the GILDA VO of the EGEE Grid. However, connecting to other VOs is possible based on user demand. Please contact the portal admin team on
  • Legacy code repository through GEMLCA (Grid Execution Management for Legacy Code Architecture).