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Task Contributor Expected deadline Release Status

1. DCI Bridge performance optimizations for job execution

As a result of these performance optimizations job execution throughput will be significantly improved (detailed performance measurements will be published with the release)

Istvan Marton SZTAKI Early March 2013  3.5.3 Done
14 Mar 2013
2. REST API support

Internal gUSE services should be accessible by the REST API

Krisztian Karoczkai SZTAKI

March 2013 3.5.3 Done
14 Mar 2013
3. Improved CloudBroker Platform integration

The improved CloudBroker Platform integration will give cost estimation of the workflow execution in the selected cloud resources

Notice that the CloudBroker Platform based cloud access is recommended if you want to access commercial clouds. In such environment the cost estimation is very important.



Tamas Pinter SZTAKI

March 2013  3.5.4 Done
9 Apr 2013
4. Will introduce the robot certificate concept and usage under WS-PGRADE/gUSE

Predefined trusted applications can be executed without user personal grid certificate. E.g. the autodock portal run by SZTAKI enables only the submission of predefined workflows developed by Univ. of Westminster. The user can only parameterize these workflows and hence they can be executed by robot certificates instead of user certificates.

Istvan Marton, Zoltan Farkas SZTAKI

May 2013  3.5.5 Done
29 Apr 2013
5. Direct cloud integration via 3G Bridge and Condor pool technology

The direct cloud integration via 3G Bridge and Condor pool technology is recommended to access academic clouds. In such cases cost management is not supported.

Attila Marosi SZTAKI April 2013 3.5.6  Not released, only for internal usage

6. Export of WS-PGRADE workflows into the SHIWA repository

The WS-PGRADE workflow export/import facility to the SHIWA repository will enable WS-PGRADE user communities to collaborate with each other via the SHIWA repository. Please, notice that it is already possible in gUSE 3.5.2 to collaborate via the SHIWA repository. However, gUSE 3.5.2 uses the IWIR bundle to export WS-PGRADE workflows into the SHIWA repository. This is useful if a gUSE user community would like to collaborate with a community using different workflow systems (e.g. MOTEUR). However, the IWIR bundle requires the translation of WS-PGRADE workflows into the intermediate workflow language IWIR and unfortunately this restricts the applicable types of WS-PGRADE workflows. The new 3.5.4 release will apply a pure WS-PGRADE bundle and hence ALL the WS-PGRADE workflows without any restrictions will be enabled to be exported into the SHIWA repository. But this bundle will not be usable for collaborating with other workflow systems. So from version 3.5.4 the user will be able to decide what kind of bundle to use when exporting a WS-PGRADE workflow into the SHIWA repository:

  • If the goal is collaboration with other workflow communities, use the IWIR bundle
  • If the goal is collaboration with other WS-PGRADE workflow communities, use the WS-PGRADE bundle
Akos Balasko SZTAKI mid March 2013  3.5.6 Done
17 May 2013

7. Import of WS-PGRADE workflows from the SHIWA repository

The same as above but the direction is SHIWA repository -> WS-PGRADE/gUSE based gateway

Akos Balasko SZTAKI mid March 2013 3.5.6  Done
17 May 2013
8. gUSE gateway will be connected to the SCI-BUS portlet repository

The same way as gUSE user community members will be able to publish and share WS-PGRADE workflows through the SHIWA Workflow Repository, after this release gUSE user community members will be able to publish and share WS-PGRADE portlets through the SCI-BUS Portlet Repository. This solution will have the advantage that such portlets can be handled independently from the core gUSE releases, i.e., gUSE community members can directly collaborate and exchange WS-PGRADE portlets via the repository independently from the gUSE releases.

not decided yet

end of May 2013  3.5.6 Done
17 May 2013
9. Improved statistics portlet data collection mechanism

Currently the data collection mechanism of the statistics portlet significantly increases the loads of the portal's resources. In order to reduce the load, the collection mechanism of statistics information is redesigned.

 Csaba Kranyecz SZTAKI

March 2013 3.5.7  Done
31 May 2013

10. Other internal performance optimizations for job execution

Some internal reorganization of exchanging information between WS-PGRADE and the various gUSE services can significantly improve the performance of the portal.

Krisztian Karoczkai SZTAKI April 2013 3.5.8  Done
24 Jul 2013

11. Assertion portlet for handling UNICORE certificates

Unicore does not use X509 certificate and hence the certificate management should be written by a UNICORE community member.

Tobias Schlemmer

Univ. of Tübingen

Early March 2013 3.6.0 Done
9 Oct 2013
12. Data Bridge service

As the DCI Bridge provides generic access to a large set of DCIs, the data bridge should provide a generic access to a large set of different file systems located in various DCIs. To be released as Data Avenue service and portlet.

Zoltan Farkas, Akos Hajnal, Tamas Pinter SZTAKI

end of June 2013 3.6.0  Done
9 Oct 2013
13. CloudBroker Commercial component extension

WS-PGRADE will be extended with a set of portlets that provide cost display, billing and invoicing related to the CloudBroker Platform. The new portlets will enable users to check out their CloudBroker account balance, spendings, and can get an overview on the prices of using Resources, Softwares and Instances offered by the CloudBroker Platform.

CloudBroker GMBH

Aug 2013  3.6.0  Done
9 Oct 2013
14. Introducing interactive workflow nodes

The new feature will enable users to influence the run of a workflow by interactive workflow nodes. 

Krisztian Karoczkai SZTAKI

end of July 2013  3.6.1  Done
7 Nov 2013
15. Direct cloud integration technology

The direct cloud integration technology is recommended to access academic clouds. In such cases cost management is not supported.

Krisztian Karoczkai

Dec 2013 3.6.2 Done
31 Jan 2014
16. Possibility of using remote .exe files Workflow node configuration for remote .exe files. Istvan Marton SZTAKI Dec 2013 3.6.2 Done
31 Jan 2014
17. Integrated graph editor

The current Graph Editor can be run as a separate Java Web Start application, which can be run only on desktop computers (and in the basic setup, doesn't work with OpenJDK). The INAF team is working on a web-based version of the graph editor that integrates seamlessly into the set of WS-PGRADE portlets, so editing graphs will become an easier task, and mobile device users will be able to use this feature as well.


TBA TBA  Planning phase
18 SGE DCI Bridge plugin

The development will extend the DCI support capabilities of DCI Bridge with SGE-based clusters, thus users of WS-PGRADE/gUSE will be able to run jobs on SGE-based local resource management systems directly. The SGE plugin is similar to the PBS and LSF DCI Bridge plugins, that is an SGE job submission node (from where SGE jobs can be submitted and managed) is accessed using ssh from the DCI Bridge machine.

Davor Davidović (RBI)

Jan 2014 3.6.3  Done
4 Mar 2014
19. Data Avenue service and portlet further development Introducing ticketing mechanism for improving security solution. Performance improvements. Akos Hajnal, Tamas Pinter SZTAKI Jan 2014 3.6.3 Done
4 Mar 2014
20. MOAB submitter and plug-in for DCI Bridge

The MOAB submitter will enable to submit jobs to MOAB controlled clusters.

Luis de la Garza

Univ. of Tübingen

Jan 2014 3.6.3  Done
4 Mar 2014
21. Directory tree view of workflow list

The current flat view of workflow list will be replaced with a directory tree view. The workflow storage will enable the use of directories.

Tamas Pinter SZTAKI

TBA  TBA  Planning phase
22. Data Avenue service access from workflows During workflow excetusions inter-node file transfer will be automatically executed using the Data Avenue service. Tamas Pinter,
Istvan Marton
April 2014 3.6.7  Done
15 Aug 2014
23. Data Avenue service extension with cloud storage access Beyond the existing supported protocols and storages this release will introduce access to cloud storages.

Akos Hajnal

March 2014 3.6.3  Done
4 Mar 2014
24. SHIWA Submission Service The SHIWA Submission Service replaces the GEMLCA service, and enables execution of workflows based on different engines Istvan Marton
April 2014 3.6.4 Done
22 May 2014
25. CloudBroker fixes Usage of an up-to-date CloudBroker API, identification of CloudBroker entities by their IDs, not by their names Tamas Pinter
April 2014 3.6.4 Done
22 May 2014
26. Data Avenue bugfixes Some issues reported for the Data Avenue portlet will be fixed Tamas Pinter
April 2014 3.6.4 Done
22 May 2014
27. Improved Install Wizard Fixes a number of class loading issues, enables using already available databases for the deployment Zoltan Farkas
April 2014 3.6.4 Done
22 May 2014
28. Direct cloud access improvements Bugfixes, improvements for the direct cloud access Krisztian Karoczkai
April/May 2014 3.6.5  Done
24 Jun 2014
29. Load Balancing between WS-PGRADE/gUSE gateways

In the SCI-BUS project more than 20 gUSE/WS-PGRADE portals will be
installed and operated for several user communities. Their load will be
quite different due to the different activities of the user communities.

Especially, if parameter sweep applications will be actively used where
one user can submit easily thousands of jobs. It would be good if the
overloaded portals would be able to share loads with underloaded portals.

A prerequisite to solve the first problem is that we need a portal
monitoring system that shows how the different portals are loaded. On one
hand it would be good if the portal administrators could observe
the behaviour of their portal via this portal monitoring system but also
could see the load of other connected portals' load.

looking for volunteer contributores

(excellent PhD subject) 

     Planning phase
30. Make use of Java 7 Currently, gUSE components use an older version of JAX-WS that is incompatible with the version shipped in Java 7. SZTAKI TBA 3.6.6  Done
3 July 2014
31. XSEDE submitter and plug-in for DCI Bridge The XSEDE submitter will enable to submit jobs to XSEDE supercomputers Andrew Grimshaw (Univ. of Virginia), Istvan Marton (SZTAKI)    End of April 2014  3.6.7  Done
15 Aug 2014
32. Advanced logging In order to ease troubleshooting of the gUSE components, MTA SZTAKI is continuously extending and rationalizing the logging mechanism used in WS-PGRADE/gUSE. As a backround taks, logging modification will be included occasionally in new releases focusing on other developments. SZTAKI continuous task    In progress
33. Support for WF provenance Integration with PROVman to support WF provenance   Ammar Benabdelkader (AMC), Krisztian Karoczkai (SZTAKI)   Jan 2015  TBA   In progress
34. Simplified single job submission UI Enable extremely simple and user-friendly execution of single job applications   Akos Balasko (SZTAKI)   End of Nov 2014  3.7.0   Under testing
35. Integration with Higher Education External Attribute Authorities (HEXAA) Enable user identification based on HEXAA Mihaly Heder and Krisztian Karoczkai (SZTAKI)   Jan 2015 3.7.1   Under testing
36. Integration with DIRAC   Enabling WF execution on DIRAC middleware   Akos Hajnal (SZTAKI)   Feb 2015 TBA   Planning phase
37. Integration with EGI FedCloud Enabling WF execution on EGI FedCloud   Krisztian Karoczkai (SZTAKI)   May 2014  3.6.8   Done
23 Sep 2014
38. Simplified and extended support for SHIWA WF Repository WS-PGRADE workflows from the SHIWA WF Repository will be easily executable including the modification of the target DCI and defining users' own input file   Akos Balasko (SZTAKI)   Feb 2015 TBA   Planning phase
39. Support for Liferay 6.2 From this version the WS-PGRADE/gUSE portal will be based on Liferay 6.2 Istvan Marton (SZTAKI) Nov 2014 3.7.0 Under testing
40. Metabroker support Metabroker support Krisztian Karoczkai and Attila Kertesz (SZTAKI)   Jan 2015 3.7.1 In progress
41. New generation New generation WS-PGRADE/gUSE portal TBA TBA 4.0 Planning phase


       This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 283481.

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