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4DETICS Gateway

Inside SCI-BUS project the existing 4D ETICS software management portal is extending to meet the expectations of an SaaS service. Particularly, the newly implemented service is connected with academic and commercial cloud resources and implements an appropriate business model in order to serve a large number of user communities having different build and test requirements.

4D ETICS is an extension of the ETICS Build and Test portal originally developed inside ETICS1 and ETICS2 FP7 projects. 4D Soft has been implemented further the original toolset to meet better the expectations of IT companies, especially SMEs.

ETICS stands for eInfrastructure for Testing, Integration and Configuration of Software. ETICS is an on-line collaborative service for managing small and large software projects by managing their versions, enforcing quality standards, building packages and testing them in environments as close as possible to real-world infrastructures.

The Build and Test Web Application (WA), together with the ETICS command-based tools, provides user access to build and test capabilities of the ETICS system. Besides being a tool for inspecting and modelling projects within the ETICS infrastructure, the WA also enables easy remote build and test submission and access to build and test reports and artefact. The ETICS tools can be used to run builds and tests on users' computers, but also and especially to submit remote builds and tests on multiple platforms at the same time.

Expected output from SCI-BUS is to have a professional Build, Test portal running as an SaaS (and/or PaaS) on a cloud layer having a proper business model able to serve large number of user communities.


       This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 283481.

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