What is Data Avenue?

The Data Avenue is a file commander tool for data transfer, enabling easy data moving between various storage services (such as grid, cloud, cluster, supercomputers) by various protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, GSIFTP, SRM, and S3.

The Data Avenue family

The Data Avenue Blacktop is the core service that provides unified access to different types of storages. It offers a web service interface for performing different operations on the supported storages (http, https, sftp, gsiftp, srm, s3), and an HTTP server for convenient data up- and download. The Data Avenue core service can be accessed with an easy-to-use Java API making integration with existing software components an easy task.

The Data Avenue is the user interface that makes data transfer very easy and user friendly. As soon as we think that most of the bugs are fixed, it will be downloadable for everyone. 

The Data Avenue @SZTAKI is an installation of the Data Avenue service. It can be used by those who choose not to install their own or just would like to see how it works! To have a look, go to the Data Avenue website.


       This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 283481.

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