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The AMC Ebioscience Gateways serve a user community with varied profiles in neuroscience, DNA sequencing, biostatistics, biochemistry, e-science and distributed computing. Liferay social networking features (communities and user roles) are used to provide customized views for the following communities:

AMC Ebioscience Gateway (generic):

  • workflow developers, both for WS-PGRADE and MOTEUR workflow management systems deployed at the AMC e-bioinfra. The main developers group consists of bioinformaticians involved in DNA sequencing research;
  • DNA sequencing researchers involved in a large variety of experiments, for example virus discovery and exome sequencing. The gateway offers both generic sequence alignment applications (e.g. BLAST) as well as more complex pipelines for specific cases (e.g. comparison of genomes for discovery of new species).
  • e-science experts, who research, develop and operate the Ebioscience platforms. These experts are privileged users who can access additional functionality such as statistics and low-level infrastructure information.

NeuroScience Gateway:

  • brain imaging researchers, mainly Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) data analysis applications for structural scans and for Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI). These are legacy and well established applications that have been ported to the Dutch grid infrastructures using workflow technology.

Docking Gateway:

  • biochemistry researches, specifically those working on  working on virtual drug screening using protein docking simulations.