Community Community is the most accessible distributed rendering platform on the Internet. It is – and always will be - a completely free service that enables its users to render their animations or stills by using the computing power of volunteers from around the world. encourages everybody to take part in both the online community and the collaborative rendering. We also advocate open licensing (Creative Commons), open values and sharing of resources over geographic borders.

Are you an animator? By using, 3D artists and animators benefit from being able to use higher image quality and higher resolutions when rendering. By dividing the work among hundreds of volunteer computers, an animation that takes months to render on single machine can be completed in a matter of days.

Are you a volunteer? enables its users to participate in the rendering of stills and animations, regardless of whether or not they themselves are able to or even interested in learning about 3D modeling and animation. The stills and animations created can then later become parts of a movie that the users have helped to create.