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The users of the AdriaScience gateway are primary the meteorologists and atmospheric scientists working on the weather prediction. The aim of the gateway is to improve their research and everyday work by providing an easy access to different computing resources and by facilitating the execution of the specific applications on such resources. Most of the users are grouped around the Croatian national virtual organization called "AdriaMeteo", which gathers 6 institutions. Beside this core group of user, users coming from wider user communities can benefit from the portal, such as nautics, fishery, coastal guard, mountain rescue service and marine traffic companies, just to name a few. Due to the current portal user policy and computing infrastructure user policies, which restricts direct use of meteorological data and resources for non-academic non-registered users, at least initially these users will be known as indirect users and will be able to use outcomes of the analyses performed via the portal. We are partnering with individual organizations in an effort to extend the core usage of the portal and better integrate the indirect users.