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National Grid Service


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The National Grid Service (NGS) aims to provide coherent electronic access for UK researchers to all computational and data based resources and facilities required to carry out their research, independent of resource or researcher location

The oficial NGS site is http://www.ngs.ac.uk

Centre for Parallel computing in the NGS

The UK National Grid Service (NGS) is the core UK academic research grid and it is intended for the production use of computational and data grid resources. It consistsof the four core sites at the Universities of Oxford, Manchester and Leeds and STFC-RAL

In May 2005 three partner sites, University of Bristol, Cardiff University and Lancaster University, joined the NGS. An NGS partner is a site who agrees to allocate a specific portion of their compute resource to the NGS on the basis of a Service Level Definition (SLD). Each of the partner sites supply differing architectures and resources so a job may be better suited to one site or another depending on its characteristics.

The University of Westminster joined in March 2006 and Queens University Belfast became an NGS partner in March 2007.


Centre for Parallel computing services

The University of Westminster' CPC offers the following services to the NGS community: