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The chemical industry is one of the most research intensive branches of the German economy. 90% of the companies are small or medium-sized companies. Especially these companies are research-oriented compared to their industry sector. High innovation dynamics result in a close cooperation between industry and academic institutes. MoSGrid (Molecular Simulation Grid) shall generate competitive advantages for this industry and science sector through Grid use.

For more details on MoSGrid please see the project description and the aims and background.

The MoSGrid Portal offers access to molecular simulation codes in the domains

  • quantum chemistry
  • molecular dynamics
  • docking

Both experienced users and beginners will be enabled to perform experiments in computational chemistry through this web portal on remote grid resources provided by the academic partners of the project.

This approach renders the local installation of computational chemistry suites or additional software unnecessary!

Submission and retrieval of compute jobs will only require:

  • a modern web browser
  • a valid D-Grid Certificate
  • the membership in the project-related virtual organization