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E-Group is developing in this project the so called "Document Archiving Gateway": The Document Archiving Gateway supports different types of document processing in the business and governmental area. Certain processing steps (data analysis, transformation) are computation-oriented, therefore in the background some kind of grid or cloud support is needed. One of the cases where applying electronic signature technology is legally allowed (converting paper into authentic electronic documents) became a hot topic in the last 2 years (in the period of economic crisis), because it can immediately save money for the companies, organizations. This process could be supported by the "Document Archiving Gateway" which is based on previous researches "Web2Grid community gateway".

By converting paper-based documents into electronic formats (e.g. by scanners), attaching metadata information to them and creating electronic signature on these packages the following benefits arise: immediately make an end of hiring warehouses for storing paper-based documents, because those can be eliminated, shredded; the retrieval of electronic documents becomes much more faster which saves time and also money; these documents can be sent directly to government (no need to print them out again and sign them by hand) because electronic signature ensures integrity and authenticity of documents; reuse of documents (e.g. copy-paste "OCR-ized" texts) becomes available at if they are needed for further works. These projects really shows that the operation of a paper-less office is much more cost-effective, but the way to get this status is a bit more difficult than it seems to be.


       This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 283481.

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